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Thank You to our 2023-2024 Program Sponsors

These educational opportunities are made possible through the generosity of our sponsors and we are grateful for their support of our educational endeavors to serve our business members.

The Leadership Aransas Pass program develops students into ethical, innovative, responsible, civic minded leaders who contribute positively to Aransas Pass. Graduates of the program will have gained and built upon valuable qualities necessary for future leadership roles and will continue to facilitate growth in Aransas Pass.

2022-2023 Class VII Graduates

Brenda Dodson, Karen Magee, Cherie Spinks, Annette Zimmerman-Perez, Brittney Laister, Erica Leister, Joe Dominguez, Monica Dominguez, Ed Garcia, Steve Synovitz, Margaret Vera

2023-2024 Class VIII Participants

Jerri Henderson, Kailyn Williams, Donna Nations Leister, Shanda Hartnett Marilu Mojica, Ysidro Villarreal, D'Anne Blaine, Teresa Lidberg, Gabriel Martinez, Joanna Munoz, Doug Gresenz, Leanna Wilson, Nestor Angel

Session Topics

Session #1 - Team Building & Ropes Course (Camp Aranzazu)

Session #2 - History of Aransas Pass

Session #3 - Education & Community Support

Session #4 - Law Enforcement & Emergency/Social Services

Session #5 - Governance

Session #6 - Media and Public Speaking

Session #7 - Economic Development & Tourism

Program Mission: To develop individuals of diverse backgrounds and strengths into a cohesive group of leaders committed to positively shaping the future of Aransas Pass.

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